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The best of Kirkcudbright

As we drive around the Dumfries ring road, I start to feel that buzz of excitement because we’re nearly at Castleview House and as I park the car, I can’t wait to get the bags in, walk in to the house and smile!

We’re here this time to do a number of things – including meeting with Tony from Nith Valley Cleaning Services to plan the Spring Clean; to check progress on bookings for 2019 (there are still some spaces, so book now to avoid disappointment) with Nigel and Jane from Discover Scotland and… for Peter to admire his splendid new shed (very expertly put in place by James Smith Fencing, Kirkcudbright).

Light a cosy fire at Castleview House in KirkcudbrightI’m also here to be a tourist and so, despite the dreich (yes, it was February) conditions, we went off to see the Red Kites feeding – they are amazing close up  – and to do the Burns Trail in Dumfries which did include a bonus of a drink in the Snug of the Pub (The Globe Inn) that was a regular watering hole for Mr Burns.

After all that, we headed for dinner at the Easterbrook Bistro on the Crichton Estate (previously a large Psychiatric Hospital). And then home, to light a real fire and have some R&R with the library.

Cook a delicious meal at Castleview House in KirkcudbrightCooking in Castleview House is always a pleasure and even if there is an element of cheating… J. Hall & Sons in Kirkcudbright, the Award Winning Butcher in Kirkcudbright do some amazing ‘put in the oven for 20 minutes and eat dishes’ – including the Beltie Towers which are not to be missed if you are in the area.

We always bring some back with us though sadly, we forgot this time and so, they are in the freezer at Mr Hall’s ready for our forthcoming visit, but we got carried away looking round the Kirkcudbright Art Gallery and ensuring that firewood was available for our future guests, just in case they wanted a night in with some additional comfort, although, even for one as ‘nesh’ as I, the underfloor heating is superb!!

As we were also attending a Dinner (ps… the new illuminated magnifying mirrors assist with the makeup process) and I’m terrible at looking after my nails, I had used the online booking system at Pure Beauty in Kirkcudbright to book myself a file and polish and a fabulous Dermalogica Facial with Leanne. Thank you Leanne, I felt much better afterwards!

Sadly, the stay at Castleview House was too short as ever!

~ Until next time, Julie