Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Guests,

To help you enjoy your time with us at Castleview House, we have prepared extensive Guest Information Packs for you to study at your leisure. These are to found in the Hall above the Electrics Cupboard. However, some questions appear to recur in the minds of our guests so here is our best effort at a Frequently Asked Questions page:

057_CastleVWhat is meant by sleeps 8/10?

There are three bedrooms with double beds and one with two single beds. One of the former, the Jewellery Room, also has a fold-down sofa bed suitable for two children. We also have a Helinox Lite Cot Camp Bed, which at just 1.3kgs can be put up in any of the bedrooms to provide an additional bed.

Where do we park?

Private parking for 2/3 vehicles is available next to the property. Additionally, free parking is widely available nearby and throughout the town.

Do you provide Wi-Fi reception?

Yes, the access code is e5d6f96adf.

What TV channels are available?

Freeview channels are on offer through the HD Ready 40” TV set in the Lounge and certain bedrooms. A wide range of films and documentaries may be watched in DVD or VHS formats and there is an extensive choice of music on CD located in the chest of drawers next to the wood-burning stove.

Radio reception seems poor.

Agreed, on account of the hills surrounding the town. We are working to install an aerial to overcome this.

wood-burning stove at Castleview House, KirkcudbrightTell us about the wood-burning stove.

A comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts can be found next to it. Kindling and logs to get you started are provided and reserves may be found in the passage to the rear of the property. Further stocks can be purchased from the garage next to the harbour.

What about the underfloor heating?

This is controlled room-by room on the Ground Floor by wall-mounted thermostats with the Bathroom feeding off the Hall. These will be set at 15 degrees centigrade on your arrival and can be varied to suit your taste. Please note that, whilst it may take some time for an increase in temperature to permeate the building, the eventual result is most effective and long-lasting. The house is insulated to a very  high standard.

And what about the radiators upstairs?

These are governed by the master thermostat on the on the First Floor Landing and by individual room controls.

How do we put the outside lights on?

Those for the front veranda are operated from the electrics cupboard to your left in the Hall and are timed to come on from dusk to 11 o’clock. Please switch them on or off as you prefer and, should they trip out for whatever reason, switch them off and re-set any other fuses that have done the same. Those for the back veranda are controlled jointly from the switch in the Storeroom and the switch on the wall next to the barbeque. Both need to be in the on position for the lights to work.

You say, “…..almost no midges!” What do you mean?

In all our visits to Kirkcudbright, we have never yet been bitten by these natives. However, it is Scotland so best to pack some anti-mosquito cream! There are two chemists / pharmacists close by in the town.

What will we do and where will we eat when we get there?

You will be spoilt for choice on both counts. Our Guest Information Pack lists the main opportunities and the desk in the Lounge is bulging with brochures and games to play if it’s raining. We have also listed some of the most popular seasonal things to do in and around Kirkcudbright, come rain or shine, on this page. You can also check out the VisitScotland website for Dumfries and Galloway before you arrive. We can also offer a Welcome Pack for your arrival. Please visit this page, if you’d like to consider the available options. Additionally, you can also arrange catering during your stay at Castleview House in Kirkcudbright; please visit this page for more information.

How do you pronounce Kirkcudbright to avoid offending the locals?

As “Kirkoobree”. It means the Church of Saint Cuthbert.

Kirkcudbright the Artists' TownWhy is it called the Artists’ Town?

Because, in the second half of the nineteenth century, artists from Glasgow and beyond settled there to escape the gloom and pollution of industrial cities and to enjoy the area’s wonderful light, air, seascapes and hinterland. To this day, their influence permeates Kirkcudbright and the town remains a Mecca for creative folk of every sort. You can read more about why Kirkcudbright is known as The Artists’ Town by visiting this page.

You’ll find a wee Beltie in one of the bedrooms!

What’s a Beltie?

Technically, the Belted Galloway is a black cow with a band of white around its middle. It’s a heritage beef breed originating from Galloway and is highly prized for its succulent and juicy meat. Moreover, it and its offspring are charming beasties that adorn our rolling hillsides, along with the more familiar Highland Cow (or Heilan’Coo, as they are colloquially known!) – and occasionally you might also see them on our road signs!

We love the interior design of the house, can you tell us more?

The interior decoration of the house was designed by Ian Kay of No.16 Interiors in Newark, Nottinghamshire. You can view more of his interior design work on his website.

Tell us more about Castleview House!

You will find two albums recording this and the painstaking conversion of Castleview House from a derelict Masonic Lodge to its present condition, in the bookcase next to the Master Bedroom. You’ll also find nods to the property’s Masonic heritage dotted in and around the house. Can you spot them all?

We trust that these answers are helpful to you. Should you have any more, please include them on your Friendly Feedback form before you leave and we’ll attempt to answer them for you.

Happy Holidays, Peter